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MVT License

The purpose of MVT is to facilitate the consensual forensic analysis of devices of those who might be targets of sophisticated mobile spyware attacks, especially members of civil society and marginalized communities. We do not want MVT to enable privacy violations of non-consenting individuals. Therefore, the goal of this license is to prohibit the use of MVT (and any other software licensed the same) for the purpose of adversarial forensics.

In order to achieve this, MVT is released under an adaptation of Mozilla Public License v2.0. This modified license includes a new clause 3.0, "Consensual Use Restriction" which permits the use of the licensed software (and any "Larger Work" derived from it) exclusively with the explicit consent of the person/s whose data is being extracted and/or analysed ("Data Owner").

Please note: because this license imposes some use restrictions, software using it infringes "freedom 0" of Free Software Foundation's "Free Software Definition", and therefore can not be considered "Free Software" according to FSF. Similarly, it might infringe the "No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor" criteria in Open Source Initiative's "Open Source Definition", therefore software using this license might also not be considered "Open Source" according to OSI.

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