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Downloading APKs from an Android phone

MVT allows to attempt to download all available installed packages (APKs) in order to further inspect them and potentially identify any which might be malicious in nature.

You can do so by launching the following command:

mvt-android download-apks --output /path/to/folder

It might take several minutes to complete.


MVT will likely warn you it was unable to download certain installed packages. There is no reason to be alarmed: this is typically expected behavior when MVT attempts to download a system package it has no privileges to access.

Optionally, you can decide to enable lookups of the SHA256 hash of all the extracted APKs on VirusTotal and/or Koodous. While these lookups do not provide any conclusive assessment on all of the extracted APKs, they might highlight any known malicious ones:

mvt-android download-apks --output /path/to/folder --virustotal
mvt-android download-apks --output /path/to/folder --koodous

Or, to launch all available lookups:

mvt-android download-apks --output /path/to/folder --all-checks

In case you have a previous extraction of APKs you want to later check against VirusTotal and Koodous, you can do so with the following arguments:

mvt-android download-apks --from-file /path/to/folder/apks.json --all-checks