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Downloading APKs from an Android phone

In order to use mvt-android you need to connect your Android device to your computer. You will then need to enable USB debugging on the Android device.

If this is the first time you connect to this device, you will need to approve the authentication keys through a prompt that will appear on your Android device.

Now you can launch mvt-android and specify the download-apks command and the path to the folder where you want to store the extracted data:

mvt-android download-apks --output /path/to/folder

Optionally, you can decide to enable lookups of the SHA256 hash of all the extracted APKs on VirusTotal and/or Koodous. While these lookups do not provide any conclusive assessment on all of the extracted APKs, they might highlight any known malicious ones:

mvt-android download-apks --output /path/to/folder --virustotal
mvt-android download-apks --output /path/to/folder --koodous

Or, to launch all available lookups::

mvt-android download-apks --output /path/to/folder --all-checks